I was a seasoned technical professional when I met Rex. While working together, I learned the tools needed to transition from a technical resource to a sales professional which allowed me to move into, and be effective in, the role of Sales Director for the Americas in our company. He is truly brilliant at the basics and understands the importance of incorporating them into the workplace. Rex is an excellent resource for building a successful sales team or developing and executing a complex sales strategy.

Director Engineering, Global Fibers Company

I worked with First Avenue Advisors to develop advanced selling skills in my experienced team of sales professionals. Together we accomplished a dramatic improvement in our ability to solve problems for our customers. Rex is the person to call when it’s time to dial up your sales team’s effectiveness.

Private Investment Operating Partner

I’m fully on board with First Avenue Advisors. I’ve utilized two of the largest consulting firms in the USA but would put First Avenue Advisors up against either of them based on practical value and personalized service. Simply put, I expect consultative dollar expenditures to be targeted, immediately impactful and measurable (ROI calculation). I continue to be impressed with the results achieved by utilizing their service(s).

General Manager

Americas, Synthomer LLC

Rex hears things in customer meetings that we don’t hear!

Business Owner, Manufacturing Company

I worked with First Avenue Advisors to help improve the effectiveness of our sales organization during a very difficult economic cycle. With Rex’s support, we were able to improve sales approaches and methodologies and identify high value sales activities. Rex helped us identify and eliminate low value sales activities allowing us to re-focus our sales efforts more effectively. Working with Rex helped save a very distressed company.

Jim L.


As an experienced business leader with global commercial responsibility for my division, I could not emphasize enough the value of Rex Knechtly in the area of sales process insight and sales strategy. On more than one occasion, Rex provided a thoughtful vision that nobody else considered. The result of Rex’s insight resulted in a shift in our sales strategy, which culminated in a more focused and unified tactical plan of attack. Rex has an ability to take relatively complex concepts, and articulate them in a way that can be simply understood by the people who actually do the implementation. If I were to be asked to boil down why I believe in Rex Knechtly, it’s because he provides insight and direction which converts into a sustainable competitive advantage.

VP of Sales, Unimin Corporation

I was a seasoned EVP of marketing services when I met Rex. While working together I learned a tremendously valuable framework for codifying the interactions our business undertook with customers, potential customers, and internal teams; this enabled me to generate a tremendous amount of efficiency as well as greater effectiveness in unifying my approach to the marketplace. Rex is the person to call when developing a unified strategy and planning for smart, insightful, and easy to implement approaches for putting that strategy into practice.

Eric Silberman

Executive Vice President

Among the many powerful things we took from working with First Avenue advisors were:
• Knowing to only speak when asking or answering a question leads to ferreting out useful information.
• Through judicious use of the “W” questions, a conversation can be steered in any direction desired.
• Always establish value for the item being negotiated.
• Equal business posture with the customer enables a peer to peer relationship between seller and customer.

Application Engineering Team, Global Industrial Electronics Business

What Our Clients
Say They Learned

  • Self-awareness – knowing how my actions and words are influencing everything allows me to act and communicate “on purpose with a purpose.”
  • Understanding the buying process is the key to helping customers buy.
  • Using the knowledge of the five types of decisions to close business.
  • Effective meeting preparations — from developing effective agendas to dress rehearsals.
  • Effective asking and answering questions…what else may I tell you about that?
  • Understanding how to effectively and efficiently help the customer through the buying process.

“Always Leaving It Better Than We Found It”

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