Process & Approach

At First Avenue Advisors, we design, build and implement sales operations and sales structure that allocate and position the right resources—in the right place—at the right time.

Resulting in optimal organic revenue generation.

The Process


  • Review approximately 65 elements in 7 categories that furnish a clear and current picture of the present go-to-market strategies.
  • Uncover and discuss both positive and negative symptoms that reveal the health of the revenue generating effectiveness.
  • Identify and confirm root causes for the symptoms.
  • Design an actionable plan to update the go-to-market strategy required to optimize organic revenue generation.
  • Participate in the implementation and reinforcement of the plan for 6-18 months as needed/requested.

The Business Translation

Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Share of Customer Requirement

Selling Cycle Time

Top Line Growth

Hit Rate


The Basics

1. Organizational agreement on two-word definitions of three fundamental terms – marketing / selling / negotiating

2. Organizational understanding of the five steps of the buying process with which every acquisition of any kind is involved

3. Action level enabling of skill development for those who interact with the customer

4. Negotiation planning and execution

5. Customer experience cycle development and leverage

6. Customer satisfaction and retention efforts

The Approach

Our approach to improving organic revenue generation and revenue retention may sound like something Arthur Ashe said. “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”


More often than not, the current state has most of the right ingredients for success – good people, sufficient domain knowledge, functional infrastructure, hard workers, reasonable customers, nice presentations and good conversations – all of which are providing average results.

What is missing both internally and in the field is two additional ingredients – situational awareness and conscious competence.

Organizations and individuals need exposure to what affects the how and why buyers buy through the lens of Brilliance at the Basics. Situational awareness and conscious competence involving these basics often result in immediate and, when reinforced over time, sustainable improvement in the ability to grow organic revenue and retain a higher percentage of all revenue year over year.

The Method

Beyond “hands on,” our involvement is sudden and comprehensive:


  • Thoughtful understanding and interpretation of current state procedures, methods, resources, metrics, and outcomes.
  • Two half-day teaching workshops with all participants introducing Brilliance at the Basics.
  • Day in the life ride-a-longs in the field and/or shadowing with internal resources such as customer service, for in situ coaching through the lens of Brilliance at the Basics.
  • Two half-day Live Lab problem-solving workshops focused on real situations addressing failure points with effective solutions.
  • Regularly scheduled coaching/reinforcement group Boot Camps for several months. Often remote via video or conference call.

The Philosophy

Knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom comes over time and with heuristic efforts.

Neither is knowledge accomplishment, if it were we would all be skinny professional golfers!

Improved selling outcomes require training, coaching, review and reinforcement until the new knowledge becomes wisdom and the new skills become a habit.

The Results


25 year average annual organic growth

$10M qualified pipeline creation for a $30M manufacturing business

$9M qualified pipeline creation for a $17M marketing services business

Doubled a $3M technology business to $6M in 12 months

“Always Leaving It Better Than We Found It”

First Avenue Advisors

First Avenue Advisors was established in 2006 to deliver on the idea that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when they are focused on the right things to do.

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